Saturday Night Serenade–Happy Mother’s Day!

Tomorrow is the day we set aside to honor and appreciate our mothers.  Mothering is a tough job.  I know because I raised two sons of my own.  My experience gave me insight into how, in many ways, my own mother, like all of us, did the best she knew how, and certainly better than was done for her.

Mothers aren’t perfect.  There’s no definitive handbook to explain how to do it.  If I did it now, I’d do a much better job.  I know a lot more after all these miles.  But I suppose that’s why we do it while we’re young and we still know everything.  😉

For tonight’s serenade, I chose this song by Celine Dion.  I know, it’s meant to be a romantic love song.  But if you replace the ‘baby’s with Mamas, it works pretty well.  On a side note, it was hard to find a proper video, because Celine Dion is freaking annoying.  Either she’s making weird faces or there’s a creepy clown dancing in the background.  But it’s kind of nice having the lyrics right here so I hope you enjoy it.

In other news, the Kentucky Derby is today.  I employed my usual strategy for picking horses and came up with my winner.  Mr. R. and I stopped off yesterday at the local dog track to place our wager on Suddenbreakingnews.  I have alerted my job that if we win, I will not be reporting to work on Monday.  And I will have lots of time to write plenty of blog posts.  So, fingers crossed…

Happy Saturday night!  And Happy Mother’s Day!