Saturday Night Serenade–Superstition

It’s Saturday, May 14.  Which means that yesterday was Friday the 13th.  I actually had a colleague call in sick yesterday in honor of the momentous occasion.  I just shook my head.

I’m not really a believer in superstition.  I don’t check my horoscope faithfully.  I don’t freak out when I spill salt, don’t avoid black cats, opening umbrellas indoors, or walking under ladders, other than for rational safety reasons.  I’m not much of a believer in things that go bump in the night, with a few notable exceptions.  You can see my October stories for these.

But I do believe in funk, and I hope that you do, too.  Tonight’s serenade is the legendary Stevie Wonder with Superstition, in celebration of yesterday.  Happy Saturday night!