Saturday Night Serenade–Courtney Barnett

It’s Memorial Day Weekend, the official start of summer!  I’m so excited!  Only three more beatings and then I’m off until August.  Mr. R. and I will actually have a few days off together every week, unlike the rest of the year.  I should finally have time to work on the things I want to work on, including paying more attention to this neglected little blog.

For tonight’s serenade, I wanted something fresh and I’m pretty sure this fits the bill.  In all honesty, I’d never heard of Courtney Barnett until last week, when she appeared on Saturday Night Live.  While Mr. R. and I are avid fans of the show, we often give the musical guest about ten seconds before we mute the sound, or fast forward if we’re watching on dvr.  This one was different, catching our attention immediately.  The song is Pedestrian At Best, but she’s not pedestrian in the slightest.  She’s an Aussie punk, and if Nirvana and Joan Jett had a baby, she would be Courtney Barnett.

So enjoy your holiday weekend, your barbecues, and time with the family.  Along the way, don’t forget what it’s all about.  And have a happy Saturday night!


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