Pillow Talk

Snuggle giggles: I love my husband.  Have I ever mentioned that?  There are many reasons why, but among them is his terrific sense of humor.  Since we met, he’s always been able to make me laugh.  Sometimes for inappropriate reasons.  Often for inappropriate reasons.

His work schedule is such that his weekend is in the middle of the week.  Mine is always Saturday and Sunday.  So although we enjoy our evenings, we have no days off together.

Until summer.  Because I have every day off from June 6 through August 5.

On Memorial Day, we had a little taste of the days to come.  We took full advantage, lazily sleeping in as late as a five-year-old German shepherd would allow.  Luxuriating in our cozy haven, cuddled up together, my love whispered this sweet sentiment:

“It’s nice to be so old, so cantankerous, and so in love!  So everyone can shut the fuck up.”

I love that man!  😉