Saturday Night Serenade–I Love Summer!

Music and seasons have personalities, I think.  Summer is all about youth and innocence.  Those long hot days spent at the pool or the beach, cook-outs and picnics, sleepovers with lots of singing into a hairbrush in front of a mirror…

All these activities have soundtracks, and for me, the Go-Gos are all about summer.  Back in the day, we weren’t really used to seeing all-girl bands.  Along with The Bangles, Bananarama, and oh, don’t forget a demure little lass called Joan Jett, the Go-Gos showed us that girls can do anything.

This performance is from the 70s-80s television show Solid Gold.  The cherry on top of the clip is the introduction by Rex Smith.  If you had a subscription to Tiger Beat magazine in the late 70s, you know who he is.

The eighties were a great decade!  I hope tonight finds you relaxing and making memories with those you love.  Happy Saturday night!