Back On The Wagon

Mr. R. and I decided that today was the day we’d get back on the wagon.  After his little health episode last year, we made changes to the way we eat and we added exercise to our daily routine.  We started eating much healthier, adding lots of fresh veggies and subtracting lots of carbs.

He began taking Jack, our 85-lb land shark, for long walks around the neighborhood everyday.  I started working out four days a week.  There’s a Youtube channel called Hasfit where cutie-patootie Coach Kozak will kick your ass.

And that lasted.  For a while.

I would like to point out that I’ve only been on a two-week break from Coach Kozak, while someone else, who shall remain nameless, hasn’t taken Jack for a walk in several months.  Ahem.

Earlier in the spring, I bought new running shoes with the thought that occasionally I’d join the boys for a walk.  And today was the day.  We got up this morning and went for a two-mile circuit through our ‘equestrian community’ neighborhood.  And it was lovely.

After we returned, we enjoyed a healthy breakfast.  Mr. R.’s was eggs over easy with low-everything sausage links and fresh fruit.  Mine was low-fat cottage cheese with fresh strawberries and a sprinkling of ground flax seed.  It was delicious.

But I’d give a million dollars for an effing bagel.

Coming attractions…

Mr. R. is finally starting his own blog.  More details soon…   🙂