Saturday Night Serenade–A Little Miracle

So, confession time–

Mr. R. and I got sucked into watching America’s Got Talent this summer.  I know, and if you have to stop reading Adventure in Date Night now, I completely understand.  However…

Tonight’s clip is the reason we became huge fans.  It’s the first audition of tiny little 12-year-old Grace VanderWaal, who strolled out onto the stage and played an original song on her ukulele.  I know!  Are you kidding me?  A little girl, playing a song on a toy instrument.

But somehow with her song, this child manages to articulate deep feelings most adults couldn’t begin to express.  It’s as though Grace is an old soul, seeing life for what it is and calling it out, loud and clear.

In subsequent rounds, she continued to present fresh original material, all observing life with the wizened eyes of someone many years older than herself.  And oh, by the way, just this past Wednesday, Amazing Grace won the entire competition.

So I hope that if you haven’t heard of Grace VanderWaal, you enjoy this little snippet along with the rest of us who are just trying to find our way.

Happy Saturday night!


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