Saturday Night Serenade–Ordinary World

I don’t know about you, but this seemed like a long week to me.  When Friday night finally rolled around, I was so glad.  The house still isn’t completely finished, which is to say that my bathroom isn’t usable yet.  Bathroom Bob left Thursday for a little vacation for the holiday weekend, so I have no toilet, no sink, no plumbing, and no grout.  Sigh.  Everything else is done, and in the next week, I’ll be finally posting photos of the kitchen.

For Christmas, my boy sent me Green Day’s Revolution Radio CD, because he knows his mom so well.  I’ve been tooling all over Palm Beach County in my little blue VW, blasting it in my only CD player.  And did I mention that Mr. R and I have Green Day tickets for September?  Yippee!

I’m a huge punk fan and I love the slamming guitar riffs, but I also enjoy the softer side Green Day sometimes lets slip though.  Good Riddance, for example, is an absolutely beautiful song.  In the same vein, the final track on Revolution Radio is a pretty little song called Ordinary World.  I hope you like it.

We’re taking it easy tonight at Chez R.  I think there’s a decent movie on HBO.  Pretty sure it won’t be cool enough for a fire.  But it will be nice to just chill together, grateful for our ordinary world.  Hope this weekend after Valentine’s Day finds you well.  Be sure to hug those you love.

Happy Saturday night!


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