Saturday Night Serenade–Almost

New year, new music!
Tonight’s serenade is the new release from Hozier from his upcoming album, Wasteland, Baby!, due out March 1.

I loved Hozier the first time I heard him.  In the era of Auto-Tune and imbecilic lyrics, his sound is unique and his songs are impressionistic pieces of depth and quirk.

Plus, he’s a hot Irishman, so there’s that, LOL.  Definitely a muse for a leading man in one of my books.

I’m hoping you’re managing to stay warm this January weekend.  Stay safe.  And be sure to hug those you love.

Happy Saturday night!

P.S.  I can’t resist leaving you with these two earlier songs from a couple of Hozier’s television appearances a few years ago.  This is why I love him!