Saturday Night Serenade–All For You

Happy February!  This time next week, we’ll be talking about Valentine’s Day.  I feel love songs coming on…

But for now, can you think of a song that just makes you happy when you hear them?  All For You by Sister Hazel is one of those for me.  I’m not sure whether it’s the melody, the harmony, the hook, or what, but I love this song.  And I always sing along, no matter where I hear it.

Last time I heard this, we were seated outside at one of our favorite restaurants.  My folks were in town visiting and Mr. R and I had taken them to dinner in downtown West Palm Beach.  Duffy’s is a local sports bar and grill, and there are several locations, but this one is in the heart of West Palm on Clematis Street.

As we sat there watching the world go by, I became aware of a couple of homeless guys standing not far from our table, one of whom was sipping his libation from a paper sack.  At first, I was a bit nervous until I realized they’d gathered to watch sports on the big televisions inside the restaurant.

I wondered when the staff would come to shoo them along.  Then something surprising happened.  One of the servers approached the men and spent a few minutes chatting with them, joking and laughing about the football game.

Instantly, I felt ashamed of my attitude.  Because you know what?  There but for the grace of God…

So I’m moving into this second month of the year with a greater appreciation for what I have, and, hopefully, more compassion for those around me.  Which makes me happy.

I hope you’re happy where you are this weekend, and that you’re staying warm.  I believe there’s a big game or something on television.  😉  Be sure to hug those you love.

Happy Saturday night!

Okay, I couldn’t resist…