Saturday Night Serenade–Beautiful Moments

I think the most beautiful moments in life are the ones you don’t plan.  They’re the ones that just happen, and you know in your heart it’s a one-time thing and you just have to appreciate it.

Mr. R’s birthday is this week.  Years ago, I surprised him with a trip to Univeral Studios in Orlando.  This time of year, they celebrate Mardi Gras and they have a whole schedule of performers throughout the season.  To which I paid no attention as I made my plans.  I just picked the weekend closest to his actual birthday.

So on the day we went, the Bonnie Raitt show was included in our admission ticket.  Which we thought, okay, no big deal.  Maybe we’ll hit it, maybe we won’t.  After all, roller coasters await.

However, when it came time for the show, we ended up near the concert venue and we thought, why not?  I think a lot of people thought the same thing because for a while it was crowded.  Little by little, though, people drifted away.   It was cool if not actually cold.  And we were all just standing there on the pavement.  But as space opened up, we moved closer and closer to the stage for what turned into an intimate concert experience.

Then she began to play I Can’t Make You Love Me.  Which is a beautiful, sad song, really.  But her voice, on that night, with me standing in front of Mr. R, his arms wrapped around me to keep me warm, was magical.  I’ll never forget it as long as I live.

Here’s to Mr. R and his birthday.  I love you more!

I hope you’re staying warm this winter weekend, and that you’re surrounded by those you love.  Be sure to give them a hug.

Happy Saturday night!

Saturday Night Serenade–Valentine’s Date Night

We’ve been seeing the ads for weeks.  The Broadway touring company of Cabaret is coming to the local performing arts center in West Palm Beach.  Every time I see the commercial, I spend the next half hour humming, “Willkommen! And bienvenue! Welcome!”

The other day, Mr. R retrieved the mail, and the next time I went to my computer, sitting propped against the screen was an envelope from the Kravis Center.  Snatching it up, I gasped, “Stop it!”

He just grinned at me.  “Happy Valentine’s Day!”

The thoughtful surprise is as enjoyable as watching the show will be.

What are your plans for Valentine’s Day?  I think the important thing is just appreciating those we love, and taking the opportunity to say so.

Be warm and safe this February evening.  Remember to hug those you love.  Happy Saturday night!

And have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

It’s Worth Mentioning

No one .. Nothing will keep us apart! Best friends/lovers we will always be.

You know how you get busy during the week?  When work is your first waking thought in the morning and the last thought that drifts through your mind as you fade off to sleep?

Mr. R. and I stumble through morning routines and gripe through the morning rush hour, spend eight or nine hours getting beaten up by the world.  Then we fight our way through the afternoon rush hour, stopping off to pick up necessities at the grocery store.  We go through the mail, feed the critters, decide on what’s for dinner, prepare and clean up from dinner, and settle down to relax for a couple of hours before going to sleep, only to get up and do it all over again.  Before we know it, days pass into weeks, weeks into months, and months into years.

I want to take a moment to remind Mr. R., and myself, that I love him with all my heart.  There’s no one else I’d rather be with as we take on the world and slay all the dragons that come our way.

And speaking of dragons, we only have four days, three hours, and thirty-five minutes until the Season 5 premiere of Game of Thrones.  Mr. R. and I will be side by side on the sofa, popcorn and wine at the ready.