Last One, I Promise

Please permit me one final homage to the Season 5 Premiere of Game of Thrones.  Diehard fans love the opening title theme and the model depiction of the lands of Westeros and Essos.  I’m hoping you enjoy the Game of Thrones theme done in Legos.

I present to you A Game of Legos.

I swear, it’s out of my system.  Tomorrow, back to regular programming.

Amazing Date Night–Blast From The Past (1)

Earlier, I hinted at a once in a lifetime date night.  I think it’s going to take a few posts to capture the whole thing, but I want to begin at the beginning.

Mr. R. works as an assignment editor at our local ABC affiliate.  He’s the guy who takes the phone calls and gets the e-mails when there’s an event or other news story.  A couple of weeks ago he mentioned to me that he’d been contacted by public relations people for Princess Cruises.  Princess is celebrating 50 years of cruising and they have a brand new ship, the Regal Princess.  The media was being invited to cover a celebration of their Golden Anniversary and christening the new cruise liner.  The entire cast of The Love Boat television series would be in attendance along with several celebrity guest stars of the show.

wpid-20141106_203049.jpgI thought that sounded like a really cool assignment for somebody from the station.  Mr. R. also mentioned to me that he’d received a huge box from the press people containing some Love Boat souvenirs.  He brought it home one day.  When you open the box, it plays an instrumental version of the Love Boat theme.  Inside were two captain’s hats, a Love Boat clipboard, two confetti poppers, and a squeezy Love Boat.

The trouble is, nobody at the station was very interested in covering the event.  A few days later, we kicked around the idea of us covering it.  After all, Mr. R. is an accomplished photojournalist, and I occasionally blog.

Long story (slightly) shorter, we accepted the invitation, signed up for Media Passes, and made the necessary arrangements to cover the Princess Cruises 50th Anniversary and Christening of the Regal Princess in Ft. Lauderdale.

To be continued…


Tampa Bay Comic Con Day 1: “Let me ‘splain. No, there is too much. Let me sum up.”–Inigo Montoya

It’s the morning of Day 2 and we have to get going BUT I wanted to post a brief “sum up” of yesterday.  We arrived late, about 5:00 in the afternoon, and we spent a good half hour waiting for the official to meet us and give us our press passes.


It was around 6:00 when we finally made our way into to the exhibit hall, only to hear the announcement, “It’s 6:00.  The exhibit hall is closing.  Please exit.”  Sigh.  But it was all good.  We found our way downstairs, got our bearings, and made our attack strategy.

Again, this is a quick post, I have copious details to share, but I want to tell you the highlight of our Day 1 experience.  Suffice it to say that Mr. R. is tons more observant than I am, and that being the case, he noticed this guy sitting all alone enjoying a burger and beer.

(Probably) Not George R.R. Martin Photo by Mr. R.

Steely-eyed newman that he is, Mr. R. struck up a brief conversation and asked permission to snap a pic.  That accomplished, we thanked the gentleman and walked away, Mr. R. immediately tweeting the photo with this witty caption: “For the love of the 7 gods, don’t kill anybody.”

The live Twitter feed shown on the many screens throughout the venue soon displayed Mr. R.’s picture, bringing the entire place to a virtual standstill.  Choruses of “It’s him!” were heard echoing through the cavernous spaces of the Tampa Bay Convention Center.

Tampa Bay Comic Con.  It is, in fact, the Mother Ship.