Saturday Night Serenade–Feeling Good

I love Michael Buble.  I’ve heard his version of this song many times.  But somehow, when searching for a post for tonight, his was somewhat unsatisfying.  That’s when I stumbled upon the 1965 version by Nina Simone.

And here’s the thing about that: My boss puts on music first thing in the morning.  He has eclectic taste, not unlike myself, and he tends to go in jags.  For weeks he’ll have music he finds inspirational (Stand By Me performed by the street musicians of Playing for Change), then moldy oldies from the sixties, or, if the mood strikes, the Florida State fight song.  Once when someone complained, he got pissed off and played bagpipe music.  I shit you not.  But one of his jags is classic bluesy-jazz, and that is where I’ve heard Nina Simone’s version a million times without realizing it.  It has more depth and soul than Michael Buble’s version.  I hope you enjoy it.  Happy Saturday night!