20160207_150311-1Okay, y’all, it’s Superbowl Sunday. Today I’m allowed to be an honorary Broncos fan.  Rita says so.  We all know I only care about the commercials, anyway.  And maybe the tight pants.  Those aren’t too shabby.  But I digress!

The other great thing about today is the food.  Usually Mr. R. makes ribs, which are for him, I don’t like to have to wrestle with my dinner.  But he’s working a 12-hour day today so no ribs this year.  I, on the other hand, am all ready to make queso from my ex-sister-in-law’s recipe.  Meh, it’s still great queso!

What are y’all having?

In other news, Mr. R. called me from work.  He’s off the next two Sundays and wanted to know if I want to go to the Daytona 500 on February 21.  To which I responded, “Oh, hell yeah!”  Stay tuned…


Last One, I Promise

Please permit me one final homage to the Season 5 Premiere of Game of Thrones.  Diehard fans love the opening title theme and the model depiction of the lands of Westeros and Essos.  I’m hoping you enjoy the Game of Thrones theme done in Legos.

I present to you A Game of Legos.

I swear, it’s out of my system.  Tomorrow, back to regular programming.

Professional Sport Date Day

We’re on Spring Break all this week (actually, I’m on Spring Break and Mr. R. is taking a week’s vacation) and being short on fundage, we are being creative as we find interesting things to do.  Occasionally, he received free passes to events from his work and fortunately for us, he had tickets to Spring Training baseball.  And so it was that on Sunday, Mr. R. and I took in a Spring Training baseball game between the Miami Marlins and the Detroit Tigers at Roger Dean Stadium in Jupiter.  The Marlins are the home team, obviously.

The only point of reference I have for the Tigers is that Thomas Magnum played for them before he became a P.I.  (Was that before or after the Navy?  Who knows?)

I’m sorry.  What were we talking about?  Oh.  Baseball. Okay, so the tickets were free.  But we had to pay $6 to park.  Six dollars!  Did I mention that we’re so broke right now we can’t pay attention?  Anyway, we found a spot to abandon the F-150 and hiked about a mile from there to the stadium, where the game had already begun.

wpid-20150315_133159-1.jpgBefore we found our seats, we stopped for our only purchase, a huge soda that we shared.  It was worth it.  The day was absolutely beautiful, bright and sunny, the temperature around 80, low humidity, and a breeze that kept it from being hot, even in the sun.  Our seats were on the first base line, my favorite area, because we read from left to right, of course.  You do have to pay attention, though, because every now and then a ball comes flying your way.

I’m not a huge fan of any sport, really, but it’s always fun to attend a live sporting event.  There’s always more to watch other than the game.  I love the guy selling water.  “Got your ice cold watah, heah!”  I tried to tell him, “Dude, there’s an r in there.”

wpid-20150315_135112-1-1.jpgAt one point when the Marlins were at bat, Mr. R. said to me, “That’s him.  That’s Giancarlo Stanton.  He’s got a contract to earn $325 million over the next thirteen seasons.”  I did the math.  The first calculator I picked up didn’t have enough places, I had to use a different one.  That’s twenty-five million dollars a year.  For hitting a ball with a stick.  And that’s all he did, too.  He made it to first base where another guy replaced him, on the off chance he might have to run more bases.  I am definitely in the wrong line of work.

We had a great time.  I am just dorky enough to stand up and sing during the seventh inning stretch, although I declined all the participatory songs.  The Marlins were ahead 4-2 by the middle of the ninth inning so the game was over.  We gathered up our souvenir Marlins Spring Training cup and schlepped back to the truck.  That’s probably our only baseball outing this year unless more free tickets make their way into our hands, but I’m glad we went.  It was a perfect day to be outside and I didn’t have to go to work today.

Superbowl Sunday

Are you ready for some football?  We’re getting that way at our house.  Still in the grip of nasty colds, we’ll be enjoying the game our own way.

First of all, it’s Sunday, which is always Mr. R.’s Monday anyway, so he’s been away all day.  In a pan in the fridge are the ribs he’s planning to make.  At some point I’m supposed to put them in the oven.

I won’t be eating ribs.  I have an aversion to eating meat off bones.  It’s just too caveman for me.  I am planning to make my chili queso, which will make me very happy.

Notice I haven’t talked about football yet.  That’s because I don’t give a rat’s rear end about who wins this silly game.  And it’s not just because the Patriots are big cheater-pants, which they are.  I haven’t cared about who wins the Superbowl since it became clear that there is less than a snowball’s chance that the Dolphins will ever even be in the big game.

I am a fan of Superbowl commercials.  These I will be watching avidly.  They’ve already previewed some of them.  I’m hoping for something that surprises with wit and humor.

There’s a lot of buzz about the half-time show.  Katy Perry.  Meh.  I actually liked Bruno Mars last year.  Remember when The Who played?  How about the Rolling Stones?  Maybe I’ll refresh my nachos during half-time.