Saturday Night Serenade–Super Bowl Weekend

It’s Super Bowl Weekend.
I’m no football fan and I picked the Saints to go all the way, so I know you’re wondering why I even bring it up.

In my side gig (teaching English online to children in China), they define culture as food, art, and celebrations. Well, that about covers it, don’t you think?

I think that, like Thanksgiving and the 4th of July, the Super Bowl is a quintessential American cultural phenomenon, and even if you’re not a sportsfan, there’s something in it for everyone–sports, food, music, entertainment, fireworks… It’s all there.

I love that this year, the half-time show will be Jennifer Lopez and Shakira. For tonight’s song, I’ve chosen Shakira’s Whenever, Wherever, but I had a hard time deciding. Both women are gorgeous and talented, but there’s something so down-and-dirty sexy about Shakira. Call it the erotic romance novelist in me, but that’s where my decision went.

The best thing about the Super Bowl, in my opinion, are the commercials. Several have been ‘leaked’ and I’m showing you my favorite so far. On SNL back in the days of Jimmy Fallon and Rachel Dratch, they had a running bit featuring characters who were Southies, and this ad from Hyundai brings it all back with a cherry on top.
Okay, the cherry is Big Papi, but how can you resist Smaht Pahk?

We’re spending tonight getting everything ready for loaded nachos and hot wings. Tomorrow, we’ll relax in front of the television with about 100 million other people and enjoy the spectacle. Hope we bought enough wings…

Enjoy your weekend, and be sure to hug those you love.

Happy Saturday night!

Saturday Night Serenade–Super Bowl Edition

Are you ready for some football?

I’m not remotely a football fan, but I love the Super Bowl.  I love that it’s a uniquely American cultural event, with a tradition all its own.  People throw parties and gather at sports bars,  dressed in their favorite team’s jersey.  There’s a whole category of ‘game day’ snacks, from subs, to chili, to burgers.  Plus, plenty of beer.

I couldn’t care less which teams play, I tune in for the half-time show and the commercials.  This year, I’m cheering for the Eagles, mainly because they’re not the Patriots.  But mostly, I’m looking forward to the spectacle.  Justin Timberlake is the half-time performer, and that should be fun.  Fingers crossed, no ‘wardrobe malfunction’ this time out.

This week’s serenade is from a couple of years ago, one of my favorite Super Bowl performances of all time.  I LOVE Bruno Mars, and this shortened version of Uptown Funk is fantastic.

Remember when you had to wait until the actual game to see the awesome commercials?  Now, a lot of them are already out.  I’ve seen Tyrion Lannister (Peter Dinklage) from Game of Thrones in a rap battle with Morgan Freeman.  I’ve seen a rabbi, a priest, an imam, and a monk pile into a truck and head to a football game.  But so far, nothing has made me laugh like Hannibal Lecter pinch-hitting for Amazon’s Alexa.  Creepy fun!

I don’t know about you, but here at Chez R, we’ll be serving ribs and nachos when we sit down to watch.  Tonight is all about preparation.

I hope your pick wins tomorrow.  For now, enjoy laughter with those you love, and be sure to give them a hug.

Happy Saturday night!



20160207_150311-1Okay, y’all, it’s Superbowl Sunday. Today I’m allowed to be an honorary Broncos fan.  Rita says so.  We all know I only care about the commercials, anyway.  And maybe the tight pants.  Those aren’t too shabby.  But I digress!

The other great thing about today is the food.  Usually Mr. R. makes ribs, which are for him, I don’t like to have to wrestle with my dinner.  But he’s working a 12-hour day today so no ribs this year.  I, on the other hand, am all ready to make queso from my ex-sister-in-law’s recipe.  Meh, it’s still great queso!

What are y’all having?

In other news, Mr. R. called me from work.  He’s off the next two Sundays and wanted to know if I want to go to the Daytona 500 on February 21.  To which I responded, “Oh, hell yeah!”  Stay tuned…


Saturday Night Serenade–Need A Little Queen Up In Here

Tomorrow is Superbowl Sunday.  Not that I care a whit about football.  But I’m a huge fan of the commercials that run during that pinnacle of American sports broadcasting.  Word is, one ad features sheep singing Queen.  I’m SO in!

So gather with your favorite peeps.  Get your game day snacks ready, your ribs, chips and queso, burgers, brats, beer, and everything else that’s really bad for you.

And let us know…  Who’s your pick and what are you eating?

But before that, enjoy this classic from Freddie and the gang.  I love this!

Happy Saturday night!


Superbowl Sunday

Are you ready for some football?  We’re getting that way at our house.  Still in the grip of nasty colds, we’ll be enjoying the game our own way.

First of all, it’s Sunday, which is always Mr. R.’s Monday anyway, so he’s been away all day.  In a pan in the fridge are the ribs he’s planning to make.  At some point I’m supposed to put them in the oven.

I won’t be eating ribs.  I have an aversion to eating meat off bones.  It’s just too caveman for me.  I am planning to make my chili queso, which will make me very happy.

Notice I haven’t talked about football yet.  That’s because I don’t give a rat’s rear end about who wins this silly game.  And it’s not just because the Patriots are big cheater-pants, which they are.  I haven’t cared about who wins the Superbowl since it became clear that there is less than a snowball’s chance that the Dolphins will ever even be in the big game.

I am a fan of Superbowl commercials.  These I will be watching avidly.  They’ve already previewed some of them.  I’m hoping for something that surprises with wit and humor.

There’s a lot of buzz about the half-time show.  Katy Perry.  Meh.  I actually liked Bruno Mars last year.  Remember when The Who played?  How about the Rolling Stones?  Maybe I’ll refresh my nachos during half-time.