Saturday Night Serenade–By Request

I’m a GRITS, y’all.  A Girl Raised In The South.  Sometimes known as a SAP–Southern American Princess.  Although I’ve lived in South Florida (which is not the South) for the past quarter century, at heart I’m a Southern girl.  And I love my Southern rock.  Give me the Allman Brothers, the Georgia Satellites, the Zac Brown Band, the Marshall Tucker Band, and the Eagles and I’m a happy girl.

But Lynyrd Skynyrd holds a special place in my heart.  Way back in the Stone Age, in high school, I was a member of the Varsity Chorus and the Show Choir.  Oh, yeah, I was a huge dork.  And I loved nothing better than to arrive at chorus early.  Because there was a trio of guys who’d commandeer the piano and play Freebird until the teacher made them stop.  It was the best and I can’t hear the song without traveling back in time.

Today’s Saturday Night Serenade comes by request from Mr. R.  We’ve had a crazy kind of week that ended with his being bought out of the remainder of his work contract to the tune of five months.  So he has five months of being paid every two weeks without the bother of having to show up for work.  Five months to find the next thing.  As he puts it, he’s free as a bird now.  Happy Saturday night!

8 thoughts on “Saturday Night Serenade–By Request

      1. Rita

        It’s a piece of history and I for one love history to remain intact – peeps should learn from history NOT try to remove it! JMO


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