You Know It’s Friday…


Mr. R: (from laundry room, voice muffled) Don’t you hate it when you’ve folded the towels nicely, and your husband messes everything up, looking for something in particular?

Me: Yes.

Mr. R: You’re gonna have a bad day, then.

It’s a good thing I love that man.  😉


Impromptu Movie Review with Mr. R

So we had this conversation yesterday.

Mr. R: I hated that movie.

Me: Oh?

Mr. R: I mean, the sex scenes were alright.  It’s just the rampant douche-baggery in between.

So there you have it.  This has been Mr. R’s review of Fifty Shades of Grey.



Saturday Night Serenade–It’s What I Like About You!

How is it possible that this is the last weekend of July?  Where has the summer gone?  I’m back to work in less than two weeks and I’m walking into a mine field.  I don’t even want to think about it.

Instead, I want to enjoy this summer Saturday night with my love.  I’ve often said it, he’s my happily-ever-after, the yin to my yang, the carrots to my peas.  We laugh a lot, and sometimes I post his witticism here.

Besides that, we’re huge dorks.  For example, sometimes we play alliterative word games, often favoring P for whatever reason.  “It’s the perfect point to prune the plumosa.”  “Precisely!”

He can come up with absurd lyrics to “any song, any time, anywhere.”  The other day, he was humming the Mary Tyler Moore theme.  Then he started singing, “We’re going naked to the ma-all.”  You know Bohemian Rhapsody, right?  Does anyone really understand all the words?  His version:  “Bag of douche, bag of douche, will you do the fandango?”

He makes me laugh.  It’s what I like about him.  Which brings us to this punk classic for tonight’s serenade.  I hope you push aside all your cares and worries in favor of laughing with the one(s) you love.  Tell them what you like about them.

Happy Saturday night!

Saturday Night Serenade–So Glad to Be Home

Seven days.  Seven states.  Maryland, Pennsylvania, Colorado, Nebraska, Iowa, Georgia, and Florida.  It’s great to be home!

I left Mr. R. at home with temptation (don’t think I didn’t see the wedge of cheesecake he had) and Jack, our 85-pound land shark, while I visited the parentals, and my son and daughter-in-law.  And don’t get me wrong, I had a great time.  But I was incredibly happy to get home last night.

Home, as it turns out, is not just a place.  While I love my folks and my boy, Mr. R. is my home.  And he has been, for over a decade now.  I missed him.  Who else ‘gets’ me?  Whose touch do I crave, whose laugh do I covet?

I couldn’t decided between these two songs, so I chose both of them.  Because when I returned, I found my sunshine.  And I’m so glad to be home.  I hope you’re ‘home’, wherever you are.

Happy Saturday night!


Saturday Night Serenade–Rock of Ages

I may or may not have mentioned my enjoyment of musical theatre.  Oh, who am I kidding?  I just posted about it a week or so ago.

The musical Rock of Ages is a cheesy treasure trove of the best of 80s music, and by best, I mean the hair metal rock and power ballads, not that dippy new wave stuff Mr. R. enjoys.  The Broadway show was made into a movie and it’s completely possible that I’ve seen it once or twice, and maybe, potentially I might have sung along.  Loudly.

A couple of years ago, the touring company came to town for one night only.  My girl Mo and I grabbed ourselves a pair of tickets.  Looking back on it, it’s possible that they were still in their rehearsal/soft launch phase, because to tell the truth, it had a bit of a high school production feel to it.  Which was slightly disappointing, seeing as how we paid more than we ever would have paid for a high school show.  But, the music’s the thing, and we had a blast singing along.

So…the Lake Worth Playhouse (where Mr. R. and I saw a stellar production of Spamalot) is doing Rock of Ages starting this weekend.  My love and I have tickets for Thursday night and I’m so excited.  As good as Spamalot was, I have high expectations for the caliber of the performance and I know we’ll have fun, regardless.

This video is from the 2009 Tony performance.  It’s energetic, fun, nostalgic, and features a freaky cameo by Liza Minnelli.  I hope you love it like I do.  So rock out with your…

Ahem, well, anyway…  Happy Saturday night!

Making History

I had the coolest experience last night.  I’ve been wanting to write it up for a few weeks, but I was a little afraid that the planets would fail to align and it wouldn’t work out.  But, after a considerable effort from my love, everything went (almost) like clockwork.

A Chorus singular sensation....every little step we take....I danced to remember the finale we performed:):

I’m a HUGE fan of musical theatre.  As a kid, I’d lock myself in my room with my mom’s Sound of Music soundtrack and not come out for days.  To this day, I know every word to every song.

In the spring of my senior year of high school, we took a class trip to New York, where we saw Annie at the Schubert Theatre.  Professional live theatre.  It was unlike anything any of us had ever experienced.  At the end of the performance, all of us hayseeds from Chattanooga gave a standing ovation.  Okay, we were the only ones in the theatre who did, but who cares?

During my college years, my mom took me to see the touring company production of A Chorus Line, and we went again when the local theatre company did it.  It was slightly less polished, but I loved it nontheless.

Many years after that Senior Trip, I returned to the Schubert to see Spamalot, the musical version of Monty Python and the Holy Grail.  After about three hours, I left the theatre with my cheeks in pain from smiling so much. My love took me to American Idiot when the touring company came to Ft. Lauderdale and it was brilliant.

I saw Spamalot again when the touring company came to town, and my love took me to the local production a couple of years ago.  It was fabulous, and I’d defy anyone to tell the difference between the three performances.  I also saw a local production of Les Mis, and, after having rather low expectations, I was completely blown away by the caliber of the performance.

Of course I’ve enjoyed the movie versions of Rent, Mama Mia, The Sound of Music (the movie, not that lame live tv version), Hairspray, and countless others.  All of that to reiterate, I LOVE MUSICAL THEATRE.  Yes, I’m the dork who has to sit through the entire Tony Awards broadcast, daydreaming of when I can get back to NYC to see a show.


I saw a little news report.  Broadway HD is an online streaming service founded by a couple of Broadway producers whose mission is to make Broadway theatre available to anyone, anywhere.  And they decided to make history on June 30, 2016, by offering She Loves Me as the first ever Broadway show to be livestreamed.  For the price of $9.99, a live Broadway show being performed at Studio 54 could come to my living room.

When I saw this, I was determined to make it happen.  And it was more complicated than you’d think.  For this technological feat, we needed to use the Chromecast goomer my son sent us for Christmas.  We hadn’t actually opened it because we have a Firestick.  But of course, it wouldn’t work with Amazon.

No problem, our phones are Android.  So we hooked up the Chromecast and set about trying to connect it.  The problem was, our phones are too old.  We talked about getting new phones–we need them anyway.  But we never got around to it.  And I had sort of let go of the idea.  Mr. R. will tell you, I’m really not a nagger.

She Loves Me

Yesterday, however, the day of the performance, my sweet came to me with an idea.  How about we go buy a cheap Android tablet and see if we can make it work?  And that’s what we did.

Now, don’t get me wrong, there were still technological kinks to work out, but eventually, we were able to hook up the tablet to the Chromecast, buy the performance, and sling that badboy from the tablet to our television screen, just in time to watch Tony-nominated She Loves Me performed live in real time.  My face hurt by the end of the night.  It was awesome!