Saturday Night Serenade–The Pretty Reckless

It’s been a frantic kind of week, between the hurricane that passed by, a little household emergency, and a bombshell that was dropped in the midst of it all.  I believe these words actually came out of my mouth: “Can’t we just enjoy a hurricane in peace?”  More on that when I can catch my breath.

Anyway, it’s Saturday and I couldn’t be happier.  For tonight’s serenade, I wanted something different.  Before all the hurricane drama, Amazon Prime sent me a “You might like this” message.  And they were right.

Here’s The Pretty Reckless with Take Me Down.  It’s rocking and it’s a change of pace from the moldie-oldies I’ve been posting lately.  I just need to clear my head and hit reset.

Hope you’re safe and enjoying this October weekend.  Keep watching for more October stories.  I have a little chiller to add.  Happy Saturday night!


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