Saturday Night Serenade–Need Some Healing

Hallelujah, friends and neighbors, it’s been one hell of a week.  I’m feeling the need to vent and since it’s my blog, that’s what I’m going to do.  Some folks may be offended by what I have to say, but I’d challenge you to read to the end.  Everything’s not as black and white as people would like to think.  Black and white would be easy.  This situation is anything but easy.

On Tuesday, America elected itself a racist, fascist, misogynist, megalomaniac narcissist as our new leader.  I could not have been more stunned.  I knew we the people were smarter than that, we’d evolved beyond believing that Mexicans are rapists, all Muslims are bad, and women are sub-humans to be objectified.  How could this happen?

Before you go getting all defensive, understand that I can’t stand Hilary.  For years, I swore up and down that I’d never vote for her.  I think she’s the very definition of greed and avarice, of selfish ambition and ‘win at any cost’.  Enter Donald J. Trump, with his message of hate and intolerance.  The man bragged about sexually assaulting women.  Billy Bush got fired.  Trump got elected President.  What the ever-loving fuck?

So, shortly before Election Day, I took myself to one of the early voting sites, choked back the vomit, and voted for Hilary Clinton.  Because I knew that whatever she was selling, it wasn’t the hate and vitriol that Trump has been spewing for the last year and a half.

I still can’t wrap my head around the results.  Can’t imagine anyone I have less respect for than Trump.  And there’s that nagging fear–Holy shit, what if he makes good on his promises about reversing gay marriage, about deporting undocumented immigrants and banning Muslims, about all the other bat-shit things he said?


There’s a movement afoot, a peaceful protest aimed at sending a message to those folks Trump would marginalize.  Like-minded people are wearing a safety pin indicating support for those at whom Trump has aimed his special brand of hate.  If you see me around, I’ll be wearing the biggest safety pin I can find, and I’ll do it until everyone is safe.

So tonight’s serenade…  We lost Leonard Cohen this week.  Maybe his heart just couldn’t take it, I don’t know.  But we need a little healing up in here.

Hug those you love.  Remind them that hate and prejudice are never okay.  Maybe reach out to someone in Trump’s cross-hairs.  Hallelujah.  Happy Saturday night!

8 thoughts on “Saturday Night Serenade–Need Some Healing

  1. I called the election last year. While I am not going to state who I voted for because I dislike both .

    You have half of a nation who are mad , who have had enough.

    All Mexicans are not bad just as all Muslims are not bad.

    I know the USA is 20 Trillion in debt and growing. We’ve spen 6 trillion dollars in the Middle East and nothing to show for it.

    I feel sorry for Iraq because we destroyed that country and today 60% or higher has no electricity or running water .

    Libya is in total turmoil and completely out of the news for what ever reason .

    Hillary is evil, Trump is a pig so the people had to decide between two evils.

    John Kennedy was banging everyone except Jackie . Nixon smoked pot with john Lennon .

    Hillary I just shake my head and what her and the DNC did to Sanders is a total shame. Hillary or the DNC paid protesters to disrupt rallies and people got hurt even police officers.

    The senate and congress are all lawyers as with the president . All they do is fight they never agree not even on the weather. This has been going on for decades and now it is catching up with us, and the two do not even see what is going on.

    Obama care is a disaster and it only benefits those who receive subsidies but still receive substandard healthcare. Then those who cannot afford are fined. How does this make sense?

    People are mad , people are mad when Hillary stood up in tv and said she was going to put all the coal miners out of work , raise taxes, open borders , free trade .

    Trump has a ego the size of Texas , and hes probably done much worse than talking with Bush boy.

    Again I voted for neither.

    I do know our country does not need a lawyer running our country .

    How does someone repay 20 trillion dollars? Will there come a day when someone says pay up?

    At work we are not allowed to say Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas , because we do not want to offend someone.

    Some at work are giving two full hours a day to pray with pay but I am not allowed to take sundays off so I can go to a Buddhist Temple.

    So why was Trump elected? The people are made over 60 million and that number will grow.

    I do know Trump can be controlled and Hillary cannot

      1. It is scary , the team that he is putting together is a baseball all star team and Kellyann Conway will have a position as well .
        I truly believe he will listen because he has something to prove.

        Trump has done some fucked up shit . Others probably have as well they just have not been caught.

        You cannot put a room full of lawyers in a room and get them to agree on the weather.

        Look we treat refugees better than our own people. Those who cross the border are treated better and in both their healthcare is free , food stamps and a roof over their head.

        We send billions overseas to countries who don’t even like us . Our one true ally is Israel and the past 7.5 years we have turned our back on them.

        Before I get to an event if new people are there for what ever reason they are warned.
        Hey look vile is coming and he’s kinda unfiltered. I say what’s on my mind , I tell the truth , I say what others are thinking in fear they will offend someone.
        If you never say anything others are going to think everything is ok , when it’s not.

        Trump is unfiltered but one thing he knows is business. He has lost money but so has warren buffet, bill gates billions.

        If your business was going bankrupt who would you hire a lawyer or a business man ?

        He may not know politics but the ones who will surround him will. Again I did not vote for Trump , but I am also a logical man .

        I would hate to think of the shit that would come out if I ran for president and in 2005 Trump probably never thought he would run for president.

        Most everything has come to be a lie.

        While I do not like Obama and I voted for him twice , I do respect his position.

        I say give him a chance if he sucks its only 4 years.

        Trump offended people about his open sexual talk but it’s just talk and I believe it was locker room talk.

        I have been around men who talk trash , from all walks of life and some women would not believe how some speak about their wives and girlfriends


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