Yeah, Like That!

hemingway shoes

The story goes that in the 20’s, a group of writers bet Ernest Hemingway that he couldn’t write a complete story using only six words.  This is what he wrote, winning the bet.  It’s said this this is the work he considered his best.

In researching the quote, I discovered that there is some debate as to whether or not Papa actually penned the story.  Frankly, I don’t care who wrote it, it’s brilliant.  These six words evoke heartbreak and tragedy.

Why do we write?  Do we want to merely entertain, to inform?  Or do we want to do with words what Van Gogh and Monet did with color and light and texture, inspiring impressions, emotions, and feelings?

Regardless of who wrote it, I want to be that kind of writer.

6 thoughts on “Yeah, Like That!

  1. The words certainly do evoke a sense of heartbreak. Although . .. . I suppose we could tentatively believe that the shoes were bought too late (as a gift, maybe, from someone who hadn’t seen the child) by which time the baby had grown too big for them. I know . . . a feeble alternative! I’ll give myself a good slap.


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