In Need of a Date Night–STAT!

I’ve turned back into a pumpkin again.  It was a great summer with lots of sleeping in, a little traveling, plenty of time with my love.   Just like Cinderella at the ball.

As of Tuesday, summer break is but a pleasant yet distant memory.  It’s back to meetings, lesson plans, setting up classrooms, class rosters, new state standards, professional development and the like.  Sigh. 

Students don’t return until Monday, but tomorrow night is Open House/Meet the Teacher Night.  It’s when we get the first glimpse of what the new school year holds.   Will it be a nightmare like last year?  You haven’t really lived until you’ve been flipped off by a seven-year-old.  Or will it be a kinder, gentler year?  I’m hoping so. 

I do know that after a busy, stressful week of pre-school work, I’m ready for date night.  It won’t be tomorrow because I’m planning to shuffle home to crash and burn. 

Saturday night is looking awfully good, though.  I’m thinking maybe a bottle of wine at the Jupiter Inlet.  Sitting and watching the boats go by, listening the sound of the waves pounding the jetty…It sounds absolutely heavenly.  That’s what I’ll do–knock out one more day and keep my eyes on the prize.  Toes in the sand, chilled wine in my hand.  Pretty sure I’ve found my happy place.