Coming Soon To A Grocery Store Near You

This moment in OMG is brought to you by Nabisco’s Red Velvet Oreo.

Oreo is introducing out a new confection very soon.  On February 2, Nabisco rolls out Red Velvet Oreo.  Oh, yeah.  I am a lucky girl with an advance sample.

According to the accompanying leaflet, the new cookie flavor and color is the first adaptation since the introduction of Golden Oreo.  But what sets this confection apart is the cream cheese flavored creme.  Oh.  My.  Normally I can take or leave Oreo but I’ve tried these and they’re delicious.

According to published reports, Nabisco is planning only one production run of the red velvet variety and they expect them to be in stores for about six or eight weeks.  I’m thinking don’t waste them on the kids.  Put these away for the grown-ups.

Oreo cookies are available in more than a hundred countries.  They were first sold by the National Biscuit Company (shortened to Nabisco) in 1912 and by their centennial mark three years ago, 450 billion had been sold worldwide.  They reportedly sell 7.5 billion annually which works out to 20.5 million per day.

Clearly someone’s been eating my share of them because like I said, I don’t generally eat many sweets.  But I highly recommend Red Velvet Oreo.  They’re extremely nummy.  It’s a real word.  Look it up.

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